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Who are we?
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We are a group of music lovers who help artists and musicians connect to the Japanese community in Los Angeles, California. 

“Let us send our Love”
The Great East Japan Earthquake shook the grounds of Japan on March 11, 2011. It has already been eight years; or rather, it has only been eight years. It has been only three years since the Kumamoto Earthquake. The recovery efforts have made great progress, however, there is still a long road ahead for the continued recovery and healing. Although we are oceans apart, The Bridge would like to send our Love to Japan through music.

We have invited The Bridge (from Japan and Korea). Through world class jazz musicians, we hope to:
  1. Share the current situation of the devastated areas in Japan (Tohoku and Kyushu) and their
      current needs..
  2. Through “The Bridge,” we want to send our thoughts and love from Southern California to the
      people in Japan affected by the earthquakes.
  3. Build friendship between Japan, Korea, and the United States that goes beyond borders,       
      culture and language.


Purpose of the Bridge
As the name suggests, the Bridge is a band working to encourage, cooperate, and build friendship beyond borders through music. The band is made up of professional musicians from Korea and Japan. It holds charity concerts to encourage those in the devastated areas and to bring financial support. Min Gong, the leader of the Bridge, has worked as a studio pianist for famous K­pop artists for a longtime. Watching the media coverage of the Great East Japan Earthquake, he found himself in shock. Soon after he began learning Japanese. In June 2013, he visited the devastated area for the first time and since then he made the effort to visit Japan every month to perform and encourage people through his music. This was the beginning of the Bridge.
In June 2015, Min moved to Japan. He then enrolled in Kunitachi College of Music to study Jazz. In July 2017, with the cooperation of world class musicians from Korea, he visited the Tohoku area to hold the first concert by Bridge. On February 3 of this year, along with the musicians from Kunitachi College of Music and his professional musician friends from Korea, created a Big Band. They held a charity concert to raise funds for the recovery effort. They were able to visited the devastated area to hold charity concerts there as well.

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